My Favorite photo locations to shoot in Paris


Paris, it’s by far my favorite place to shoot. It is the city of love, and in my opinion the most romantic city in the world. Every time I fell more in love with it. The beautiful buildings, the atmosphere, the people, the parks, the seine, and of course the Eiffel Tower. How romantic is it to have your engagement captured in Paris? Or to have your wedding photos taken with in the background the Eiffel Tower? Or just to celebrate love. A photo shoot in Paris is always a good idea! In this blog I share my favorite locations for a photo shoot in Paris.


I love this place! Trocadéro is a big square where you have a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. It is a beautiful stylish location that is perfect for a couple session around sunrise with the Eiffel Tower in the background. If we take pictures here, I always make sure that we meet each other in the early morning. This way you have the most flattering light and the Trocadéro is still empty without any tourists, except of a few other photographers. 😉

Trocadéro in the morning // Michelle Wever Photography

Trocadéro during sunrise in springtime, my favorite season to shoot! Click here to see the full blog of this engagement session.

Even when it is cloudy you can make beautiful images in Paris. Click here to see the full blog of this anniversary session.

Anniversary session at Trocadéro, Paris // Michelle Wever Photography

The famous stairs at Trocadéro with the Eiffel Tower in the background // Michelle Wever Photography

Honeymoon photos in Paris. Click here here to see the full blog of this honeymoon shoot.

Champ de Mars

Looking for another nice place with the Eiffel Tower in the background? Avenue de Camoëns is a beautiful and quiet place for taking photos.

Avenue de Camoëns in Paris // Michelle Wever Photography

Île Saint-Louis

One of my favorite places to photograph in Paris is the area of Île Saint-Louis. Ile Saint-Louis is one of the two islands in the Seine in the center of Paris, near the Notre Dame. Here you will find typical Parisian bridges with a beautiful view over Paris. In this area it is still quiet in the morning. It is less crowded than other places in Paris and I think it’s wonderful to stroll around the Seine for romantic photos.

Romantic couple session along the Seine. Click here to see the full blog of this couple shoot.

The Louvre

During the day this place is loaded with visitors and tourists with selfie sticks, but in the morning and evening you have plenty of space to make beautiful pictures. Also here it’s the best time to take pictures in the early morning.

Loveshoot at The Louvre, Paris // Michelle Wever Photography

Loveshoot at The Louvre, Paris // Michelle Wever Photography

Loveshoot at The Louvre, Paris // Michelle Wever Photography

Tuileries Garden

Near the Louvre you will find the Tuileries Garden, located between Place de La Concorde and The Louvre. A lovely place to walk around, or to enjoy a good book in one of the many chairs. For photos, the Tuileries Garden is also one of my favorite places! Because the Tuileries Garden is so close to the Louvre, it is easy to combine these locations.

De Tuileries Garden in Paris
Family pictures in the Tuileries Garden // Michelle Wever Photography

Located between the Tuileries Garden and The Louvre is the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel // Michelle Wever Photography

Palais Royal

The Royal Palace is another place close to The Louvre. This place breathes Paris! I love how modern art and history come here together. It is hidden between architecture and is mainly visited by local people. In the afternoon it gets a bit busier with tourists.

Palais Royal in Paris // Michelle Wever Photography

Palais Royal in Paris // Michelle Wever Photography


Are you looking for a photo location with more of the old part of Paris? Located on a mountain with an amazing view over Paris from the Sacre Coeur, you will find Montmartre. Here you will find the most beautiful streets with its architecture and cobblestone pathways. It’s best not to wear high heels if you plan on shooting here!

Loveshoot in Montmartre with a view over Paris // Michelle Wever Photography

Pretty streets during sunset in Paris // Michelle Wever Photography

Loveshoot in Montmartre // Michelle Wever Photography

Parisian Cafés

Don’t forget, Paris has many typical Parisian cafes that are a beautiful setting for a photo session! One of my favorite cafes is Café Le Nemours. This place can easily be combined with a shoot at Palais Royal or the Louvre.

Café Le Nemours, Paris. Near Palais Royal.

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