Leslie & Rogier | Wedding in Londerzeel, Belgium


The day of Leslie and Rogier was like a fairy tale. This handsome and sweet couple got married in Belgium on July 7, 2018, one of the warmest days this year! Leslie was getting ready in the morning while her friends were helping her to put on the beautiful wedding dress.
Faro, the dog of Leslie and Rogier was so excited about everything that was happening, which you can see during the photos of the first look. How much I love dogs!

The rest of the day was all about enjoying this beautiful day with family and friends. Everything was styled perfectly and it was all very laid back. We did the shoot on a country road next to a lovely grain field. You can see that most simple locations can be the most beautiful backdrop for photo sessions. Wedding days like these can make my heart so happy! So many beautiful things on this day. Enjoy the blog.